At one or fifteen, this modular can adapt to all situations. Very contemporary and completely removable, its elements are separable and can be made to measure.

This product is available as a sofa bed: see the mechanisms.

Dimensions en cm 
Hauteur accoudoir45
Largeur accoudoir20
Largeur d'assise156/155/155
Profondeur d'assise54
Hauteur d'assise à la couture42
Hauteur d'assise au bombé45
Hauteur du pied04

The designer

Chafik Gasmi

A sensual, innovative, refined and timeless design. Chafik Gasmi architect DPLG, he is also an industrial designer. He began his career in 1987 when he designed a house in Algiers and a hotel in Paris. Discover the Antilope bridge and the Fred armchair created for Argentat.

Technical informations


Solid beech and reconstituted wood panels clad in foam.


Seat: duck down (80% down and feathers, 20% bultex) in partitioned cushions.

Suspension: crossed elastic straps

Option: high resilience foam

Backrest: duck down in partitioned cushions.


Double-sided removable covers.

Finishes: Each element can be separated

Cover stretched or with skirt