“Lodge” is a collection of three seats (model spa, wing chair or easy chair), two benches and a chair in massive oak, natural or stained, specifically designed for new hotel concepts. It will also fit into private contemporary interiors. “Lodge” calls to mind the “chic” and casual atmosphere of the lobby of a great hotel, of the terrace of a spa facing the sea, of the end of an afternoon, time for a cocktail waiting for a rendez vous…

Dimensions in inches
Seat width17,1
Seat depth14,4
Height of the seat18,9

The designer

Guillaume Vincent

“My creations are inspired by and remind of a travel, a place, an atmosphere. I imagined the Loom chair, for example, thinking of luxury trains of the 30’s. It is a chair in which you can rest for a long time to read while feeling protected and isolated by its high ears. I always follow the same guideline : create timeless seats, suggestive of a certain French style. There is always a great simplicity in design ; details are what catches the attention and creates personality of the chair. I want my creations to fit as well in contemporary as classic interiors. Fabrics take all their importance to customize each piece.”

Technical informations


Solid oak and plywood.

Exposed solid stained oak wood


Seat: polyurethane foam 36 kg/m3

Suspensions: crossed elastic straps.