A beautiful design that has the advantage of fitting anywhere. It is available in the desired length. The knobs of the armrests are made from the most beautiful types of wood.

Dimensions en cm 
Hauteur d'accoudoir62
Largeur d'accoudoir11
Largeur d'assise48
Profondeur d'assise51
Hauteur d'assise à la couture40
Hauteur d'assise au bombé42
Hauteur du pied03

The designer

Chafik Gasmi

A sensual, innovative, refined and timeless design. Chafik Gasmi architect DPLG, he is also an industrial designer. He began his career in 1987 when he designed a house in Algiers and a hotel in Paris. Discover the Antilope bridge and the Fred armchair created for Argentat.

Technical informations


Solid beech and reconstituted wood panels clad in 10mm foam.


Seat: high resilience foam 35 kg/m3 anti-wear fabric protection

Suspension: elastic cross straps

Backrest: high resilience foam 30 kg/m3