AD’s top 10 decorating trends for 2022

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January is well underway and the 2022 decorating trends are clearly taking shape for your home.

In response to the major issues of our society related to the protection of our planet as well as the fashion sector; the decoration follows the upcycling trend. A very telling example with the new collection presented during the AD 2021 exhibition by Laurent Maugoust and Cécile Chenais with their Nail coffee table. This one uses quartzit scraps from Brazil and corresponds completely to this new problematic that the designers try to integrate in their creative approach.

A return to the materials is also noticed with the radical wood that you will find with our manufacture, the precious stones like the marble, the onyx and the ornamentation of the parts. A return to the essential that d’Argentat follows very closely with its customers.

In terms of color, orange, with the trend of the 70s, is making a comeback, notably with the Fleur Delesalle collection, which you can find here with the re-edition of the 70s Charpentier collection. Shades of gray are also making a comeback.

The Art Deco spirit and the re-editions are always very present trends you will find in particular at Ecart International with its very sharp collection of designer of the 30s as Jean-Michel Frank, Pierre Chareau, Eileen Gray and many others.

Changing, the trends are integrated every year in your interiors and d’Argentat works every year to achieve them.

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