The shapes of Nub chair evoke sensitivity and softness. Its cosy comfort will satisfy you with all you can expect from an armchair or sofa made for relaxation, combining comfort, softness, and aesthetics.

Dimensions en cm 
Profondeur d'assise58
Hauteur d'assise39
Largeur d'assise58
Hauteur accoudoir82
Largeur accoudoir10
Hauteur des pieds avant3
Hauteur des pieds arrière1

The designer

Guillaume Vincent

“My creations are inspired by and remind of a travel, a place, an atmosphere. I imagined the Loom chair, for example, thinking of luxury trains of the 30’s. It is a chair in which you can rest for a long time to read while feeling protected and isolated by its high ears. I always follow the same guideline : create timeless seats, suggestive of a certain French style. There is always a great simplicity in design ; details are what catches the attention and creates personality of the chair. I want my creations to fit as well in contemporary as classic interiors. Fabrics take all their importance to customize each piece.”

Technical informations


Solid beech and plywood

Skid base


Seat: polyurethane foam 45 kg/m3

Fixed backrest: polyurethane foam 36 kg/m3